SodaStream Comparison – Which SodaStream To Buy

Looking to buy a home soda maker but can’t decide between all the SodaStream models? No problem! This page will compare SodaStream Soda Maker Models and help you choose the right SodaStream for you! The Differences Between SodaStream Models Many people want to get a SodaStream but have no idea which..

Outdoor Pizza Ovens – How To Choose One For Your Backyard

Have you seen all these awesome outdoor pizza ovens? Wow.. I am really impressed!  If you’re a do-it-youself’r, then pick an outdoor pizza oven kit here.  Or, if you’re like me, you are ready to buy an outdoor pizza oven!  If so, take a moment to read these buying tips to..

New Mom? How To Survive the Holidays

We have TWO new moms in our family this year – and I’m already seeing the signs of stress and exhaustion that having a new baby around the holidays causes. It’s exhausting! I remember it all too well, and have tried to offer some tips to help them.  The main tip..

How To Save Money with a Heated Mattress Pad

Overall Rating: 4

I’ve been looking all over for a really good heated mattress pad – and I believe I found one at a really great price (on sale now here).  The reviews and consumer reports are excellent – and again, LOVE the price. If you’re curious, you can see the 20 best-selling mattress..

How To Make Gluten-Free Low Carb Spaghetti with a Spiral Slicer

I am a carb-aholic – LOVE ’em – and I’m not one you can offer “fake carbs” and I won’t notice.  No WAY!  But I have to tell you, this low-carb and gluten-free spaghetti recipe is pretty darn good (and that’s a BIG compliment if *I* say that – pass the..

Himalayan Salt Lamps? What the Heck ARE They? What Do They Do?

Overall Rating: 4

Have you seen or heard of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?  I came across some the other day and, while they’re really pretty, I kept wondering, “What the heck ARE they?” They look like this on the right.  That’s one I found thru my deal finder tool – you can see that..

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion Review

 Who wouldn’t love a tan-preserving lotion that smells like the beach?  Sadly, this Beach Body Lotion was nothing like that for me. I’ve been on a long quest to find the perfect “beach-smell” lotion… I was hoping I found THE “beachy-smell” lotion for me, but things took a turn I totally..

Best POWERFUL Multipurpose Cleaner

When it comes to getting tough stains out of carpet, fabric, car floor mats, painted walls, ceramic tile, etc etc etc, I have yet to find a better cleaner than this Tuff Stuff Foam multipurpose cleaner.  It is really THAT good. It’s funny how a little can of multipurpose foam cleaner..

Advanced Search Tools for Amazon Shoppers

Overall Rating: 4

Ready to search Amazon like a Pro – and save a TON of time? On this page are my custom-coded Amazon shopper search tools that let you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Being that I am the self-proclaimed “Add To Cart QUEEN”, I have learned a LOT about shopping..

Best Microfiber Towel for Truckers

Who woulda thunk that The Trucker and I could get SO excited about a new towel! But we really did…and still are. This microfiber towel is a real blessing for truckers! Funny story behind the purchase of this microfiber towel, but first…. my proof of purchase: My Proof of Purchase And..

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