Advanced Search Tools for Amazon Shoppers

custom-amazon-search-toolsReady to search Amazon like a Pro – and save a TON of time? On this page are my custom-coded Amazon shopper search tools that let you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Being that I am the self-proclaimed “Add To Cart QUEEN”, I have learned a LOT about shopping on Amazon over the years. While watching friends and family search and buy on Amazon, I realized it was time for me to share my tips and tricks to help everyone have the best shopping experience on Amazon AND save a lot of time in the process.

Product Search on Amazon

Below is a “normal” Amazon search tool. It works just like the search bar on works. You type in what you’re looking for and Amazon returns a list of products, based on their internal ranking, that they feel satisfy your search.

From there, you click on a product, read the product description, and then read through the reviews.

Use that tool here:

But wouldn’t it be nice to search through the reviews of products FIRST? To be able to search for a product based on what others say about it?

Trust me, it really helps. Just because a product sells often and has a great rating, does NOT mean it is what YOU are looking for.

There are a lot of “gems” inside Amazon, and searching through the customer reviews allows you to find them.


Find Amazon Products By Searching Customer Reviews


The normal Amazon search bar is fine, but once you realize how Amazon sorts the products it returns for your search, you’ll realize what I did – it ain’t so fine.

How Amazon Search Results Work

our-tools-betterAmazon has an internal algorithm that ranks products and decides the order they should be shown to you based on what you search for.

Amazon ranks products and their search results by:

  • a) number of sales
  • b) most recent sales and
  • c) reviews/ratings
  • (and possibly by the ratings and reviews of the individual seller as well)

All of those things are fairly easy for an Amazon seller to manipulate – meaning the search results you get are what Amazon wants you to see (ie, what they consider their “best” products for your search) that are possibly based on inflated and/or manipulated stats by a seller.

I really don’t care how many of a something has sold… or how recently one has been sold. If it’s what *I* need, none of that matters to me.

That’s why I search for what I need on Amazon differently.

Our Search Tools Do It Better – By Letting You Search Through Customer Reviews

I don’t think I’ve ever bought something on Amazon without reading any of the consumer reviews for that product first, have you?

That routine action of mine, reading and reading through customer reviews to find one little speckle of the info I needed, prompted me to code the custom Amazon search tools below.

I could either a) search on Amazon the “normal” way and get results based on what AMAZON wanted me to see – or, b) search thru what OTHER people say ABOUT the products on Amazon to find what I need.

Personally, I rather searching via what other BUYERS have to say about the product I’m looking for. I do that by using this tool I hand-coded that allows me to enter in what I’m looking for.

For example, if I am looking for a dog bed for my Boston Terrier, I would enter this into the search tool below:

dog bed boston terrier

Then I would click to see the results.

My tool returns all REVIEWS for dog beds where the customer mentioned “boston terrier”.

For me, that is WAY more helpful than just using the normal Amazon search bar.

Why? Because I get to see types of dog beds where other Amazon customers have said it was good (or bad) for THEIR Boston Terrier.

Try it, it’s pretty nifty way to find what you REALLY want and need on Amazon.

Search All Consumer Reviews on For Your Search Criteria:

results will open in a new window


Search MOST RECENT Customer Reviews on Amazon


The only “problem” with the tool above is that it tends to return reviews that are YEARS old.

For many, many products, that doesn’t matter. A good dog bed for a Boston Terrier is just as good today and it was 5 years ago, right?

But for some products (like technology and gadgets), you want the most recent reviews.

That’s what the search tool below does… it searches through the most recently added reviews for your search terms.

Try it:

Search Most Recent Consumer Reviews on For Your Search Criteria:

results will open in a new window



Search Through Results for BEST-Rated Products


Now this next tool really lets us quickly dig into Amazon products and find what we are looking for.

The tool below searches through the customer reviews of only the BEST-Rated products you are looking for on Amazon.

In the ‘dog bed’ example from above, I again would type in:

dog bed boston terrier

And the search tool would show me all the reviews of the BEST products where customers said a listed dog bed was good (or not good) for their Boston Terrier.

Try it here:

Search Consumer Reviews on For the Best-Rated Products for Your Search:

results will open in a new window



Search Through Reviews of WORST-Rated Products


Now this next Amazon search tool might seem a bit “counter-intuitive”, but it can really come in handy.

This next tool allows you to search through reviews of the WORST-Rated products for your specific search.

Why would you want to search the WORST-rated products?

Again, back to the ‘dog bed’ example, wouldn’t you QUICKLY like to know which dog beds are NOT good for your Boston Terrier?

Those cute little Bostons sure can chew things up! If I were looking for a great dog bed for them, I’d want to be able to QUICKLY rule out the beds that other Boston owners said were NOT GOOD AT ALL for Bostons.
Try it here:

Search Consumer Reviews on For the WORST-Rated Products for Your Search:

results will open in a new window



Advanced: Search Through Reviews of a Specific Product on Amazon


This next tool is a bit advanced, and requires two things to be entered before you can search.

Have you ever come to a product on Amazon that you are interested in, only to find HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of reviews to read through?

I know I sure have – and it is EXHAUSTING looking for what *I* need to know about that product.

So, I coded this tool to help me out.

When I come to a product that has a ton of reviews that I’d like to ‘skim’ for words that matter to ME, I simple enter the product ASIN numer (explained in a moment) and then the words I want to find in customer reviews.

find-asinAgain, the ‘dog bed’ example.

Let’s say I find this dog bed on Amazon and then see ALL those reviews – over Two THOUSAND as I type this! That’s a LOT of reviews to read through!

I would scroll down the listing a bit and look for the product info – then just hightlight the number where it says “ASIN” (shown in picture to your right) and paste it into the tool below where it’s asked for.

Then, I’d type boston terrier into the search box.

After I click to get results, I will see ONLY the dog bed reviews where the words boston terrier are mention.


Try it out:

Type in the search box: boston terrier
Type or Paste in this ASIN#: B00063KG7S

See how helpful that is?

Search Within Consumer Reviews For a Specific Product on


Now YOU know how to search like a PRO on!

Make sure you bookmark this page and/or share it so you always have these advanced search tools for Amazon shoppers handy.

Hope this helps!